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The Seminar on Dialogue – with Uganda Muslim Women Vision

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Mr. Issa warmly welcomed the guests and advised members that we should always be concerned about others’ welfare and be open to people so as to clearly communicate how we feel and be well understood.

The discussion was opened up by Madam Bagonza who made a brief introduction on UGANDA MUSLIM WOMEN VISION. She said that it was founded in 1996 having its headquarters in Makerere University with the main aim of empowering women to move not behind but besides men in achieving harmonious prosperous livelihood in the Ugandan society. She stressed the point that a woman in a home looks out for the welfare of the rest of the members.

Hajat Mariam Kimbugwe, headmistress Hawa Secondary school,discussed ‘what is dialogue and the difference between dialogue and debate’. She remarkably pointed out the fact that dialogue kills disunity since it exposes the misconceived ideas about the other party involved in dialogue. It involves listening understanding and accepting the values of the others in a bid to have meaningful interaction and engagement.

Ms. Mutesi Olivia, a renowned Ugandan Youth Leader, said,

“Conflicts can best be resolved by dialogue not argument, We should learn to appreciate others.”

Mr. Lokman, executive director NDP, said, “in dialogue we don’t use but work with each other to serve humanity. The greatest among us is the one that serves.” He also submitted that for a dialogue to be complete, a tangible result i.e. outcome is a must.” The best message we can send to the future is to positively influence their virtues towards the ideal virtues needed for society development. We must have a message we want to send to the future through the generation coming after us.”

Ms. Babibryek Hadijah discussed a topic, ‘women peace and dialogue’ stating,” study diligently to attack the problem and not the person with the problem for effective conflict resolution. We need to create platforms and empower women to engage in dialogue so that they can teach and extend it at the grass root level since they are at the center of peace.

The executive director added on saying, “charity begins at home; women are the greatest weapon we have in advocating for peace and dialogue in a plural society. Success in dialogue isn’t about taking advantage or having hidden interests but with sincerity getting the best out of the other. There is no hurry in dialogue but systematic well planned approach to situations carefully evaluating the challenges and opportunity discovered.”

Many more ideas were shared that conclusively deduced, 

men build houses women build homes”

“tell me your mother and I will tell you who you are”.

Mr. Muhsin made a brief presentation of NILE DIALOGUE PLATFORM’S contribution to women, peace and dialogue. He also invited participants to apply for the training of trainers’ session that will shortly be commencing at the NDP office in ‘DIALOGUE IN ISLAM SERIES’. It will have four series there after there will be awarding of certificates for the participants that would have successfully completed.

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