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Harmony Week Walk 2017

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The Interfaith Harmony Week, celebrates the principle of tolerance and respect for the other that are deeply rooted in the world’s major religions.

Each year, the Interfaith Harmony Week is observed around the world during the first week of February. For the past 4 years, NDP, an organization dedicated to advancing social cohesion through dialogue, has always joined the United Nations and the World at large to remind Ugandans and humanity about the need for tolerance and mutual respect in our communities regardless of our differences.

Our theme this year; “Walking together for the love and good of all”, serves to remind us about our shared responsibility of finding ways of coming together, to talk and try to understand one another, to find common ground to serve each other.

Today, more than ever before, where people of different backgrounds, cultures and religions are living together, and where the world has become multicultural and full of diversity, establishing tolerance and harmony has become very crucial and important, and fostering mutual love and affection has become vital.

If sentiments of love do not exist, then the spirit of sacrifice cannot be formed. Unless a person loves another he can never have good feelings in his heart towards him, and he cannot faithfully fulfill the rights due to that person.

This year’s harmony week, NDP organised a harmony walk engaging the Kisugu Community in Giving charity to the vulnerable families, blood donation, Hospital Cleaning, dinner and community address from local leaders

Blood Donation

Community members listening to speeches from local leaders

The NDP secretary general addressing the community

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