The Ideal Society and Ideal Humans

A society is an aggregate of people living together in a more or less ordered community[1]. A society is not only composed of people of one ethnicity but a variety of people from all spheres of life. An ideal or complete society is one made up of people who carry the qualities of angels, people who have thought of doing good and are monuments of human foresight and comprehension. Indeed, human are created in the perfect and most beautiful way i.e. they are the most adorned and beautiful forms of creation, material or spiritual. Groups formed by disorganized and sinful (disobedient) individuals are merely crowds with no moral or esthetic values.

Ideal people have absolute confidence and trust in God, because they believe and trust in that omnipresent and omnipotent Immortal Power. They try to remain removed from sin, for they have designed their lives according to the Divine Law in which they believe so sincerely. The pure belief dwelling in the depths of their hearts, their perception that gives them unbelievable perspectives and opens theirs eyes to seeing the world as a peaceful and harmonious place.

Most of us have not reached this level yet. We cannot confront wrongdoing with kindness. We confront harshness with harshness and hate with hate. We convince ourselves that our thoughts are objective and not really our own selfish desires. Thus we tarnish our struggle in the way of God and lose, although we set out to win.

To achieve this level of ideal humans, we need to struggle against our egos and never to allow ourselves have time or energy to engage in ignorant pastimes or carefree lifestyles. We need to always be on the look-out for the beauty in our friends without criticism, let our minds be fixed onto achieving a better and prosperous homeland.

Let us not be worldly people who are enslaved by their egos only to fulfill their carnal desires. Worldly people are never content and feel no tranquility. Let us struggle to always be at peace with themselves, content and place our knowledge and understanding at the service of humanity. We should courageously devote ourselves to ridding the world of injustice and tyranny, and not be afraid to protect our land and honor. And, at times, lets gracefully spread our wings of forgiveness over their brothers and sisters.


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