Discussion Forums

To bring diverse people together and facilitate open and meaningful dialogue, the Nile Dialogue Platform facilitates a range of discussion forums throughout the year. An expansive range of topics related to the NGO’s areas of interest are explored, bringing diverse speakers and participants into the dialogue. Policy-makers, researchers, community leaders, journalists, students and others join in critical but constructive discussion of important social and political issues.

By introducing innovative discussion formats the Nile Dialogue Platform reaches out to a broader audience. The Straight Talk series is based on lively interviews with leading thinkers, conducted by prominent journalists. A Street Dialogue project takes dialogue out into the community, recording the perspectives of diverse ordinary people on the issues that matter to them.

“We should work towards developing perceptions which are positively enhancing peace in all areas of our lives.”
Mr. Lokman Cinar, E.D NDP

Nile Dialogue Platform discussion forums also include more in-depth dialogues in an academic context: academic workshops and conferences.

Types of Discussion Forums

• Seminars &Panel Discussions
• Straight Talk
• Roundtable Discussions
• Connecting Communities Circles
• Workshops and Conferences