International Women’s Day 2016

The celebration was held at NHDA head office Muyenga under direct supervision by NDP between 4pm to 8pm.

It was attended by more than 130 people from  the staff of NHDA, parents(Galaxy International School Of Uganda, Turkish Light Academy Nursery And Primary Schools),Turkish community, ministries (Tourism, Education and Sports, Public Service), universities( Makerere, Kampala International University), MTN,UTL, religious bodies, media houses( New Vision, Record TV, Sunrise Newspaper, UBC and other organizations.

The visitors were invited by NDP, UGBA, Turkish schools primary and nursery, GISU. More than 90% of the invited guests turned up for the occasion which was a good gesture.

The venue was neatly set up by 2:30pm being spacious and well organized.A great number of the guest arrived after 5pm, after the occasion had already started, having the moderators as Mr. Muhsin and Ms. RinaAhmed.The moderation was timely and lively that kept the audience waiting for more.

The theme was“Planet 50-50 by 2030: Step It Up for Gender Equality” topics discussed were“Empowering the girl child; an important tool for socio-economic development in Uganda” and “The necessity to enhance ethics and integrity of a woman”.

Exceptional presentations were made by Guest of honorHon. NakadamuLukia, other guests Hon.SaidaBbumba, Dr. Jessica Kaahwa, Amb. Nageeba T. Hassan and many other ladies of notable reputation in the civil society.

They had freedom to openly discuss the topics that were ongoing without any interruption hence the sharing and interaction was impactful since the audience showed interest expressed by the questions and responses obtain within the exercise.

The Executive Director of NDP Mr. LokmanCinaralso presented a remarkable speech that many of the guests applauded and loved. He urged the audience by saying, “It is a call to everyone- men and women- to move from talk to purposeful action and take concrete steps to help achieve gender parity which is said to have slowed down in2015 according to the World Economic Forum”.

The program ended in the time allocated since around 7:30pm the guests were having dinner. Food was in abundance and all the guests appreciated the variety and service. Gifts were given to the guests as they departed. Hence the celebration was a success and impactful.

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