Grand Annual fast breaking Dinners (IFTAR)

It is a continuous custom for Nile Dialogue Platform to organize Grand Iftar Dinners every year during the Ramadan season. Fast-breaking dinners are held by Muslims each evening during the holy month of Ramadan. As the Islamic calendar is lunar, each year Ramadan begins about eleven days earlier than the previous year. This year, Ramadan begins on June 6th 2016.

During Ramadan observant Muslims fast each day from before dawn until dusk, refraining from eating, drinking and sexual activity with married partners. This fast is broken at the time of the Maghreb (dusk) call to prayer, which is the fourth of the five daily calls to prayer.

Muslims usually eat a special meal with family and friends and often invite a series of guests to join them in the course of the month. The meals are joyous and festive. They provide an excellent context for dialogue and the development of respect and friendship between people of different faiths and cultures.

The event attracts a series of guests ranging from religious leaders, academicians, politicians, cultural leaders, civil society members and many other stakeholders.


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