Faith and How we understand it

From the point of view of linguistic tradition, the word faith means to be safe from fears, to believe, to promise, to trust, to procure the safety of others. It is a word that has the meaning of being safe and sturdy.

Believing in God, attesting to His existence, making a confession in the conscience and making a proclamation from the heart, these are some of the meanings that are conferred upon this word. With regards to its content and essence, faith is a fruit which has been picked from the realm of life and presented to our souls; a monument of divine light in our hearts, shaped by God.

A person who puts faith in God is called a believer in the context of faith. He/she is a true representation of the characters of the faithful ones – keeping in mind that deeds are included in the description of faith.

As believers our intellect should be defined and enlightened by God’s revelations. We should be steadfast and sensitive in matters of responsibility towards others and our community, determined to guard ourselves against evil throughout our entire lives, and holding firm onto ideals that we cherish.

True faith requires that we trust in God, being known among people as people of trust, and the ability to always stay true to Him. Being known as people who can be trusted with anything and being remembered as people of credibility to whom one can turn at all times.

The deeds of believers should reflect God and cause others to remember God and direct those around them toward Him.

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