Community Outreach Programs

In addition to working with those who attend discussion forums and courses, the Nile Dialogue Platform engages in outreach to form new, fruitful connections in communities and with stakeholders. New groups and individuals are drawn into dialogue through community events and excursions, visits to organisations and stakeholders and the distribution of publications.

Key forms of outreach

  1. Community Connectors
    Community Connectors are volunteers based in a particular district in Uganda. They seek to support community services and dialogue activities in that particular area and to form connections between different groups and stakeholders.
  2. Community Outreach
    This primarily takes the form of the ‘connecting’ work of the Community Connectors. This is supplemented by periodic community events and by active recruitment of discussion participants at different community groups and educational institutions. Nile Dialogue Platform organizes a range of community events at a regional level, from interfaith discussion groups and community engagement dinners to tree planting.
  3. Stakeholder Outreach
    It allows the Nile Dialogue Platform to communicate its work to stakeholders and make contact with people who may support and become involved in that work.
  4. Trips
    Trips provide an enjoyable shared experience of Uganda’s fascinating history and cultural and religious diversity. Particularly targeting Ugandans, they are intended to promote appreciation of diversity and a sense of belonging and citizenship.
  5. Outreach through Publications
    In distributing publications the Nile Dialogue Platform reaches out to many and diverse new groups and organisations. Further, community publications such as the Community Dialogue Manuals help groups and individuals to reach out to one another through their own dialogue activities.

“Dialogue does a remarkable thing in restoring mind, that is, to rescue it from authority-systems and rigid beliefs.”

Anthony Blake,
The Supreme Art of Dialogue

Community Connectors are volunteers. They seek to support community services and dialogue activities in that area. They explore local services and structures and look to connect different communities, groups and stakeholders for the benefit of all and to strengthen community cohesion. Participate, Support and Connect Community Connectors aim to support existing structures and services and to make fruitful connections between different communities and organisations.

They support the events run by local groups,contributing time and assistance and encouraging participation among the communities they know. They connect informal or formal community committees with local stakeholders. They raise awareness of significant national and international events and festive occasions, such as the International Women’s Day, International Tolerance Day, and Interfaith Harmony week.

Community outreach in Uganda is led by a number of Community Connectors. These committed volunteers concentrate on supporting existing dialogue projects and forging new connections between different groups and stakeholders. They periodically organize a local project bringing together different local groups around a seasonal theme.

The Nile Dialogue Platform also reaches out to local young people and organisations in publicising its works and visiting schools and community groups.

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